Konrad Marshall is a journalist, lecturer, communications manager, would-be carpenter, husband, father, long suffering INSUFFERABLE Richmond Football Club fan, slow smoked barbecue enthusiast, small batch bourbon sipper and sometimes-but-not-often-enough long distance runner. He has worked in public relations but also suburban fence building, and now plies his trade as a staff writer with Good Weekend magazine. Before that, his work appeared in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The (Melbourne) Magazine, The Indianapolis Star, The Florida Times-Union and The Post-Star.

Konrad is also the author of “Yellow & Black: A Season with Richmond” (Slattery Media), a book that tracks the remarkable rise of the Richmond Football Club in 2017, as they recovered from a 13th place finish to win the most unlikely of premierships, breaking a 37-year drought. Marshall was embedded with the Tigers for two years, attending matches and training, sitting in on everything from opposition analysis meetings to match reviews, culture and leadership sessions to the coach’s box. The book provides a rare and detailed look at life inside an AFL club, set against the backdrop of a magical season.

“Konrad Marshall is a writer of uncommon sensitivity, a master of observing the beauty and strangeness in everyday life”, or so says his former editor, Amelia Lester, but Amelia is far too generous. Konrad simply tries to tell tales about interesting or quirky events, and downtrodden or inspiring people.

He writes feature stories about everything and anything, from football and fame to PTSD and hoarding disorder, artists and autism to his wife and his dad, domestic violence and psychotropic drug research to homelessness and NASCAR. In service to the story, Konrad has performed live as a drag queen (Miss Indy Starlet), paddled the length of the Yarra River in winter, trained and worked as a registered taxi driver, and briefly reinvented himself as perhaps the worst ever tabloid sex columnist.

His profile writing subjects have included AFL coach Mick Malthouse, speechwriter Don Watson, actor Asher Keddie, Tigers legend Matthew Richardson, artist Vincent Fantauzzo, gaffe-prone media entity Eddie McGuire, and ethicist Peter Singer. He very much enjoys American magazine writing, by everyone from Norman Mailer to Joan Didion, Tom Wolfe to Tom Junod, Gary Smith to David Grann, William Langewiesche to Nick Paumgarten – each of whom writes about the strange and the beautiful.

Konrad is very, very bad at telling stories in person, which is why he writes. His stories often take quite a while to read, but are hopefully worth it. He is fairly certain that using the third-person here hasn’t fooled you into thinking someone else wrote this blurb on his behalf.

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